Lawn Mowing The Villages

Lawn Mow­ing Ser­vice :  Our goal is to offer pro­fes­sional lawn mow­ing with­out the need for monthly con­tracts.  You call us when you feel a ser­vice is needed, and we will be there.  Too hot out­side, fam­ily arriv­ing, going on vaca­tion, ill­ness or dis­abil­ity pre­vent­ing you from doing the work your­self????  Dont worry just sched­ule an appoint­ment and we will take care of the rest.  We use the best equip­ment available…Walker mow­ers, Echo & Stihl trim­mers edgers and blow­ers.  Top grade equip­ment results in a top grade fin­ish result.  Click on the “sched­ule” but­ton now and leave the rest to us.

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Shrub Trimming The Villages

Shrub Trim­ming Ser­vice :   Is it time for your shrubs to be trimmed.  Click on the “sched­ule” but­ton and let us take care of every­thing.  We will trim all your shrubs,  remove the clip­pings from the gar­dens and your lawn area and take them away, not leav­ing them at your curb­side.  Palm tree trim­ming is also avail­able when you feel it is needed, so just click on the “sched­ule” but­ton,  fill in the required infor­ma­tion and some­one will be in con­tact as soon as possible.

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Weeding Gardens The Villages

Weed­ing Gar­dens Ser­vice :  Time to pull the weeds from the gar­den again??  Its a job no one enjoys to do so just click the “sched­ule” but­ton and fill in the required infor­ma­tion and we will be in con­tact as soon as pos­si­ble to take care of your needs.  We will hand pull the weeds, and then fol­low up with a  spray a weed killer to pre­vent any new growth for a period of time.  Dont have the time, patience or desire to pull weeds??  Let us take care of this for you with just a click of the “schedule”…

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Of course we will do work out­side The Vil­lages, we main­tain larger prop­er­ties with higher acreage, which we gen­er­ally mow on an “as requested” basis. Due to the dif­fer­ent sizes and require­ments of these prop­er­ties, we are unable to pro­vide a stan­dard­ized price but will pro­vide an exact cost of ser­vice upon request. Just fill out our con­tact page and some­one will con­tact you and set up a time to see the prop­erty and then give a price at that time. Our gen­eral work­ing area is approx­i­mately 5 mile or less from The Vil­lages perimeter…

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We offer to you a “proper” house wash using low or medium pressures(vinyl=low, stucco=medium)to gen­tly clean the house, and only pro­fes­sional house wash spe­cific soaps. These pro­fes­sional level house wash soaps are designed with spe­cial blends of clean­ing agents, sur­fac­tants, water soft­en­ing agents to help reduce win­dow spot­ting, gloss enhancers, and mildew retar­dants to help pro­long the time frame between washes and allows a less strin­gent soap blend on recur­ring house washes in the future. Our Limo-nene based soap which is mainly used for stucco sided houses and vinyl sided houses with no mold or mildew, uses a cit­rus extract…

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Customers Feedback

Thanks for the quick and great service. I was happy to find your company when I unexpectedly had to be hospitalized and was not able to take care of my yard for a while. Much Appreciated!!!

--- Matt

When we decided to take an unexpected vacation I did not know who was going to mow our 2.1 acre property, then I heard about your site. Contacted you, the price was fair and you showed up as scheduled even when we weren't home. We will use you again for sure.

--- Jamie L